Why Us?

We are luxe for less specialists – We source a diverse range of sunglasses, some of which reflect the latest designer models and we bring them to you at an affordable price under our brand.

It’s personal – When you buy from Expressive Cherry you buy from me, Anita and I want you to feel good in your sunglasses because everyone deserves to feel like they look good. If you’d like advice on what glasses will best suit your face shape just get in touch. To quote a customer (who has become a friend) “sweet Jeanie in Sunglasses Hut isn’t doing that”.

I’m not a large conglomerate, our frames are special, most are quite different because our brand is different, just like you! If you’re reading this you’re likely looking for something stylishly different, instead of being caught in the sea of sameness. Why aspire to look “normal” when you can look “extra”.

I keep limited stock which means we do sell out fairly quickly. It keeps our overheads low and minimises the impact we make so we can keep bringing you the latest styles at an affordable price.

All our sunglasses include gorgeous cases.

Thanks, Anita x

  • For the love of Purdy

    Purdy the most requested frames we've had since we started. Their Parisian chic cat-eye style makes them one of the most flattering frames on different shape faces. They are based on the same design by a well known French design agency.

  • Pamela Denim

    Run, no... really run fast and grab a pair of our Pamela frames. These have been so popular. Featured in Vogue! The are classic square shape frames that really look great on a rounder or oval face.

  • Daisy

    These cat-eye sunglasses embody effortless style and elegance, with their graceful couture shape. Sunglasses that offer timeless elegance. Made from high quality materials. These sunglasses surpass fashion trends and are style classics.

  • Sainz

    Fall in love with our Sainz frames. Stunning designer shaped heart sunglasses that are flirty and fun. They are unmistakably chic and you can guarantee you'll get asked where you got them! A proper statement pair of sunglasses.