For Women in their "Icon Era"

I was staggered to read that almost 70% of women feel less relevant, as if they have “disappeared” by the time they reach the age of 50. And I confess that I looked it up because more and more I’ve felt that way. Society places such emphasis on youth and beauty and we’re bombarded with messages that equate attractiveness and desirability with youthfulness. The perception that older women somehow have had their light diminished I find really tough to deal with. I’m here to tell you personally that I believe in making you feel ‘SEEN’ because I SEE YOU! I am with you. You are one of us and we’ve got you! 

So take this liberating step into your “Icon Era” with Expressive Cherry style

Our carefully curated collection has been chosen with you in mind. Make  a statement of style with our exceptional eyewear. At Expressive Cherry, we believe that age is just a number, and we are committed to celebrating your unique style and individuality. We see you! You are one of us.

When you buy from Expressive Cherry you buy from a small UK independent who really cares about you feeling good in your sunglasses.

Our stock is limited. It keeps our overheads low and minimises the impact we make on the environment.

All our sunglasses include gorgeous cases.

What our customers say

"My sunglasses just arrived and I love them. What an incredible service and beautifully packed x they feel such good quality unlike my high street pair. Thank you. Will definitely be back for more."