Season Changes - Expressive Cherry

Season Changes

As we transition from summer to autumn you'll notice new additions to our store as we focus on other accessories for winter. I've spent some considerable time searching for really good products to bring you. I don't sell anything I wouldn't use myself (which means I now have around 17 pairs of sunglasses and loads of scarves). It's a problem because it takes me longer to get our the door but I love each and every piece I choose for Expressive Cherry.

I also love what I'm creating and I'm having fun finding the most stylish dupes and original accessories for you. I spent eleven years as a single parent working full time to make ends meet and I know the value of a pound. I know what it's like to want to look stylish but having a limited budget and that's why Expressive Cherry is so important to me. I want to make it easier to look fabulous for a fraction of the price by offering you an affordable alternative. 

I want your buying experience to be good and I want you to look forward to receiving your purchase. Some of our products are 10 day delivery. That's how I keep my prices as low as they are. Some things are worth waiting for. 

Thank you for your support.