Summer is Coming..

Sunglasses change the way you see the world. They also change the way the world sees you. No other accessory has quite the same ability to transform an outfit with such little effort. Eyewear is a personal decision, it’s about protecting the windows to your soul but also being able to look good while you do it. Gone are the days of having to pay out the cost of a monthly rental for a good pair of sunglasses… well, unless you want to that is.

Summer is on the way… and there’s a fair to middling chance we won’t be squished 3 to a row on a budget airline heading to the Canaries but we still have some fabulous days to look forward to. Not only is it time to start thinking about protecting our eyes, it’s time to have some fun by looking fabulous while we do it. Let’s be honest, 2020 was over in a flash and a blur and most of us spent the summer sitting in our gardens alone probably drinking too much, but the thing about 2021 is that along with the hope of a brighter year there are plenty of sunglasses trends, and we’ve never had such choice available. Everything has been given a big update with new colours, new frames and new ways to look fabulous.

One of the biggest things I’ve realised over the past year is that the world is a lot smaller place than I thought. It’s not as hard to get our hands on the latest fashion at affordable prices and I’ve spent some considerable time searching for interesting shapes and designs and I think I’ve found some winners.