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The Angry Blog

A little over an hour ago Instagram deleted my second Expressive Cherry page. To say I feel beaten is an understatement. It's the second time in a month I've lost everything that I've built up for my fledgling business. No explanation,  no recourse. Just disabled without warning. I've lost all my contacts,  all my followers. I've sent merchandise to influencers who now can't tag me. The good news is that I know all of them love the glasses they have had but that's all it is now. I've been so careful with what I post but I got cancelled. Both times on a Saturday. Neither time with any explanation. It's difficult having the rug pulled out from under you when you're starting out. I don't want to use Instagram if they can just delete all my work and cancel all my relationships without warning. Today I feel sad. I feel beaten. I've built a website and I can't seem to tell anyone about it. Tomorrow I'll start looking up alternatives to market my business. 

I hope you find me.